Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Digital Stamps and Printable Coloring Pages - New Format and Commercial Use

Attention crafters! I am so excited to let you all know about some changes that I've made on some crafty items in my Etsy shop: my printable coloring pages and digital stamps!

First off, I'm adding new digital stamps where I am allowing light commercial use. This means that you can sell what you make with them! You can use them for scrapbooking, jewelry, card crafting and more. Then you can sell your beautiful creations for others to enjoy! I have my first commercial use digital stamp up in my Etsy shop. This first one features Rayne. Buy her here. These stamps will be priced at only $4.25 and will give you access to a printable file that you can print over and over again. A great value!

I have also lowered the price on my personal use printable coloring pages/digital stamps from $3.00 down to $2.25! I have many different images to choose from. See all your options here. And I've also offered a group deal where you can purchase any 5 of them for $10! So that's an additional savings of $.25 each if you buy 5 at a time. Check out that deal here.

I hope you enjoy my new commercial use digital stamps! And I hope you also enjoy the new lower prices on my personal use digital stamps/printable coloring pages. I love to see what you create with my black and white linework, so please send me a picture of your finished creations to If you sell your finished work with some of my commercial use digital stamps, I would be happy to put a link to your Etsy shop or website on my website. Just let me know!

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