Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to louisamay29!! You have won my holiday giveaway! You will receive 20 5x7" prints!! 4 of them will be my holiday themed pieces: Shanna, Elana, Neva and Belle. You can also choose any 16 additional 5x7" prints from my gallery here (excluding the dryad). Please contact me at to claim your prize!

I randomly selected the winner by putting all the names into a hat and drawing one. The recipes you gave (all so delicious!) had no weight on who won the contest.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the giveaway! Please keep an eye on my blog because I will be having more in the future for sure. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! And thanks so much for all of your support of my artwork this year. =)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Giveaway - Share Your Favorite Holiday Recipe and Win 20 5x7" Nikki Burnette Fantasy Art Prints!!

Thanks to a very kind donation from a very special person, I am having a HUGE holiday giveaway again this year! This is always a time of year where I like to give back to all my fans who support me throughout the year. I try to have a giveaway each year, but thanks to a generous donation I can make this year even bigger and better!

How To Enter:

This giveaway will take place on my blog. All entries must be posted underneath this blog post to be considered for the contest. If you don't have an account with which to post with, I have allowed annonymous posts, but please list your name and email address so I know who to contact if you win!

To enter, simply post your favorite holiday recipe below! You can either post the whole recipe or link to another site where your favorite recipe is located. If you're not big into cooking and recipes, just tell me what your favorite holiday treat is. No need to get super descriptive if you don't want to. A simple "sugar cookies with sprinkles" is just fine with me. I thought this might be a really fun way to exchange recipes and yummy holiday treat ideas!

What You Win:

The person who wins this giveaway will receive TWENTY of my 5x7" prints!! This giveaway's retail value is $160!! Not only is it a great value, but it's a fantastic way to expand your art collection or start a new collection. I really love the 5x7" print size because they look so good displayed together in a grouping on a wall.

You will receive all FOUR of my holiday themed prints including: Shanna, Elana, Neva and Belle. Then for the remaining 16 prints, you can choose any ones that you want! You can pick from my entire gallery here.


You have from now until December 23rd at midnight EST to enter! On Saturday, December 24th, I will announce the winner. The winner will be chosen randomly. Your recipe or what you write will have no bearing on who wins the contest. I will write all the names down and choose one from a slip at random! Your items will be shipped the first week of January 2012.

In the top right hand corner of your screen, there should be a box that says "follow by email." If you type your email address in that box, you will receive a notification when I announce the winner! You will also receive notifications when I make other blog posts, so you can stay up to date with other contests, giveaways and news about my art!

Thanks to everyone who supports my artwork! Your support means the world to me and I am just so thankful for all of my friends and fans. I hope you enjoy the giveaway and have a wonderful holiday season!





Facebook Auction - Original Shanna Sketch + 8x10" Signed Print


This auction will include the following:

~Original Shanna Sketch - This sketch measures approx. 8.5x11." It is signed, titled and dated and comes in a plastic sleeve with a backing board. Shanna is one of the very first holiday pieces that I've painted and my only holiday mermaid at the moment! I painted this way back in 2007 and have since sold tons of prints and products with this image as well as licensed her to many different companies. This is your chance to own the original sketch that painting was based on!

**Please note: This is a -sketch- not a finished drawing. There are smudges and messy lines! This sketch was created on a piece of drawing paper.

~8x10" Signed Print of Shanna - This auction also includes an 8x10" print of the finished piece! The actual piece of paper measures 8.5x11" which leaves a small white border. I've signed and titled the piece in the white border.

Simply type the amount you'd like to bid below. There will be no minimum bid requirement, so it should be very fun!

I can accept payment through Paypal. I will send an invoice via email to the winner of the auction through Paypal which is super easy to use.

These items will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail
US Destinations: $3.75
Canada Destinations: $4.75
Everywhere Else: $9.00

Thank you and happy bidding! =)