Thursday, May 29, 2014

Catch Up!

Wow, it has been a long time since I've posted here! My last post was about Ariana being born, so I guess I'll start with updating you on her. She is doing wonderfully and brings such joy and happiness to my life! I love being a mom and feel so lucky to spend my day with her. She is 10 months old now, crawling, playing, laughing, saying mama, and doing all sorts of funny things. And of course, she's absolutely adorable!!

In my spare time, I have still been painting and keeping up with my art business! I'm not sure how many of you follow me on Facebook, but I do most of my posting here. Since my last update I've created many paintings which I'll update you on below. I've also been doing a lot of sketching which I will definitely share with you, but I may save that for a different post as there are a lot of sketches!

Art Collectives

I've joined two art collectives which are a lot of fun. One is called the Femme Thou Art Collective and the other is the Bubble Gum Dreams Collective. Both collectives are filled with super talented artists that share a similar vision with their artwork. We all paint a new painting each month that goes along with a theme and then we have an auction on Facebook for all the original art. Here are the paintings that I've created for the collectives so far:

Laina - "Going Nuts" theme for Bubble Gum Dreams Collective
Esmeralda - "Birthstone" theme for Femme Thou Art Collective

Cleopatra - "Shakespeare" theme for Femme Thou Art Collective
Jolene - "Postcards from the Edge" theme for Femme Thou Art Collective
Esme - "Monochrome Madness" theme for Femme Thou Art Collective
Adeline - "Brown, Moths and Melancholy" theme for Femme Thou Art Collective
New Paintings

Besides the collective pieces, I've been super busy painting, mostly catching up on commission work! Here are the other paintings I've completed since my last update here:

"Coraline" - Commission
"Beatrix" - Commission
"Natalya" - Commission
"Josie" - Commission
"Charlotte" - Commission
"Taryn" - Commission
"Portrait of Morrigane" - Commission
"Dorothy" - Commission
Spellbinding Stamps

Another super exciting thing that I've been working on lately is my Spellbinding Stamps group! I've been selling my digital stamps/coloring pages for years now, but I just recently decided to create a group for those people who like to make things with my stamps. And I host monthly challenges where crafters create things with my stamps and then I give out prizes. It is SO much fun and so rewarding to see the amazing creations that people make with my art. They turn my art into their own new art which is just so COOL! Anyhow, if you enjoy coloring or creating things with digital stamps, we'd love for you to join us! Follow this link to visit our Facebook group.

Well, it was fun catching up! I hope to post here more frequently. =)