Friday, May 24, 2013

ACEO Print Sale on eBay!

I decided to do something fun and have an ACEO print sale on eBay!! I listed every single painting that I've ever created since beginning my art career way back in 2005 as an ACEO print on eBay. They are all 7 day auctions starting at only $2. The regular retail price of my ACEOs is $4, so you can snag a bargain if you decide to bid on them!

There are 117 different images to choose from including some of my first paintings that I ever created. But there are also all of my brand new ones and most popular ones to purchase as well!

Boy was it a trip down memory lane as I was going through all of these images. My style changed dramatically at one point when I came up with a different process to sketch and then transfer my linework to my finished watercolor paper. Because of this change, I was able to sketch more realistic figures and add more detail into my final paintings. When my style made the big change, I sort of "retired" all my very first pieces and they haven't been available for purchase for many years. But for this sale, I thought it would be fun to bring them back because there were a lot of you who were very fond of these pieces and many of you who have never had a chance to purchase them or even see them before!

To view and bid on my ACEO print sale, visit this link.

Here are some of my really old pieces that are up for grabs. This will probably be one of the only times, if not the only time, I decide to offer these pieces, so if you're interested I'd snag them now!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Baby Update

Hi everyone! I am finally back from our whirlwind of a month. Our latest journey took us to Georgia to see my family and they threw us a baby shower! It was so much fun!!

I really enjoyed getting to visit with everyone and we received such awesome presents!! I was just blown away at everyone's generosity. Our baby is already so loved and she's not even here yet! We are so very lucky. =) I'm so sad that we couldn't stay longer, but I'm looking forward to when everyone comes to visit us after the baby is here.

Our baby girl is still doing wonderfully and so am I! I'll be 29 weeks along tomorrow. I can't believe how quickly the time is going by and it feels like my due date is just around the corner. Now that we're done traveling, we are going to focus on getting the nursery ready. We decided on the color purple and an owl theme! I'm really excited to start working on it.

Now that I'm home with no trips planned in the recent future, I'll also be working full time on my art work once again! Thanks to everyone for being so patient the past month while we've been traveling. I'm going to resume work on all my outstanding commissions. I also hope to sketch a lot this month. I'm really sad I missed Sketch Fest again this month, so I'm looking forward to doing some sketching on my own in lieu of attending Sketch Fest. Thanks again for all of your patience this past month! =)