Monday, April 9, 2012

A New Year, A Niece, MegaCon 2012 and A New Home!

Wow! I can't believe I haven't even made a blog post yet this year. There have been a lot of big changes in my life since the start of the new year, so I thought I'd take a moment and fill you all in about what's been going on!

The first bit of news I wanted to share is what I'm most excited about....I'm going to be an aunt!! My sister and her husband are pregnant with their first child. My sister is due at the end of June and I'm so excited to meet my little niece!! This is the first baby in our family and we all couldn't be more thrilled. I can't wait until she's here and I can spoil her! I'll be sure to let you all know when she arrives and hopefully show you a few pictures. Here is a picture of my beautiful sister!!

Another really exciting event for me so far this year was MegaCon 2012. After the holiday rush, I began prepping for the show. I have done a few shows in the past, but haven't ever done one as big as MegaCon. It's a Sci Fi/Fantasy Convention in Orlando, Florida that has thousands and thousands of attendants over a 3 day period.

My husband came down to help me at my booth and it was so much fun and a big success! I had an 8 foot table which was quite a change from what I was used to. I have had 10'x10' tents at all my shows this past year, so I had to try and figure out how to condense my setup down to that space. I think it turned out very well though!

My favorite part was getting to meet everyone that came to my booth. And the costumes were of course fantastic! Here are a few pictures of some of the people who came to buy things from my booth in their costumes! I hope you enjoy them. =)

And lastly, probably the biggest change since the start of the new year, my husband and I moved from Atlanta, GA to Columbus, OH! It was very last minute and unexpected, but also very exciting. We found out we were moving the 2nd week of March, we packed up our whole home and moved to our new home on March 31st!

It was a little challenging getting everything ready in such a short amount of time and the logistics of everything was overwhelming at times, but all things considered, the move went very smoothly!! We had so much help from family and friends that we're so thankful for.

Our new home is just wonderful! We love it and the area that we're in. One of the best parts of the move is that I'm going to have about 3 times as much time as I've had in the past to work on my artwork!! So expect to see much more frequent updates from me, more sketches, many more original pieces, more Facebook auctions, Etsy listings and more!! I also plan on updating my blog much more often, so stay tuned for that. I really couldn't be happier!

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