Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Fairy Sketch for Sale - Only $20

I have a new sketch for sale today on my Facebook Fan Page! And it's only $20! This is not an auction, just a sketch sale. Click on this link. The first person to type SOLD in the comments below this sketch in the link will claim it. =)

This sale includes the following:

~1 Original Fairy Sketch - I created this sketch yesterday when I had a spare hour or so. She is a bit different from my usual faces, but I wanted to experiment. I really want to draw more often, so I may be doing these quick sketches more frequently and offering them up for a quick sale. I'll always try to make an announcement first so that you know when to look for them though. =)

This sketch measures 5x7" and will come packaged with backing board and a clear plastic sleeve.

**Please note: This is a -sketch- not a finished drawing. There are smudges and messy lines! This sketch was created on white sketch paper.

Just type SOLD below in the comments below the sketch in this link! First come, first served. =)

I can accept payment through Paypal. I will send an invoice via email to the winner of the auction through Paypal which is super easy to use.

These items will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail
US Destinations: $3.00
Canada Destinations: $3.75
Everywhere Else: $6.00

Thank you and good luck! =)


  1. I love it, did you go to a drawing school to learn how to draw like that?

  2. Woah that is AWESOME!