Monday, April 29, 2013

Keychains for Sale! $12 each or 2 for $20

I've decided to offer up some items for sale that I've previously only sold at shows. First up are these lovely keychains!

Each keychain is handcrafted and assembled by myself. A very intricate Baroque style frame surrounds each image. It's almost like you're carrying around a miniature framed picture with you! The keyring is then attached to the back of the resin frame with a bail and glue. I have placed a resin dome over the image to complete the keychain.

Each keychain measures approximately 5 inches from the bottom of the frame to the very top of the keyring. And they measure approximately 1 3/4" - 2" across the widest part of the frame depending on the style. They are just the perfect size to keep your keys safe and fit inside a pocket or purse!

To purchase, either reply to this post, email me at or message me on Facebook letting me know which images you want, your Paypal email address and the country you live in. I'll then send you an invoice through Paypal with the shipping factored correctly.

I have 15 different images available and there are limited quantities:

Cassandra - 2 available
Tracey - 1 available
Vienna - 1 available
Telsa - 2 available
Karmina - 1 available
Constance - 1 available
Cassia - 1 available
Mina - 2 available
Angelique - 1 available
Cheyanna - 1 available
Willow - 2 available
Ryla - 1 available
Giselle - 1 available
Arden - 2 available
Ashlyn - 3 available

Shipping Costs:
(I always combine shipping!)

US Destinations = $2.25
Canada Destinations = $7.00
Everywhere Else = $9.00

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