Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up #5!

This has been an incredibly busy week! A lot of the things I've been working on this week have not yet been completed. They are still in the works and will hopefully make it onto next week's wrap-up. But I still have some things to share with you all that I'm really excited about!

I'm so excited to tell you all about a brand new product of mine that is now available! You can now purchase necklaces with matching gift tins featuring my artwork! They are available in my Etsy store here.

These are 1" circular tray pendants and they're available in 4 different setting colors: shiny silver, vintage copper, vintage bronze and gunmetal black. You can choose from 56 different images! They come with a matching 18" ball and chain necklace. You even get a small matching gift tin featuring your image choice! They're priced at only $16.00 for the pendant, chain and gift tin. These will surely make excellent stocking stuffers. I really hope you all enjoy them!

Copper Setting

Silver Setting

Black Setting

Bronze Setting
Necklace with Matching Gift Tin
Image Choices
Image Choices

I also wanted to tell you all about a huge giveaway I'm having to celebrate my 500th sale on Etsy!! I currently have 488 sales on Etsy (you can see the number on my main shop page on the left hand side under Shop Info). The person that purchases my 500th item will receive FIVE FREE items of their choosing from my store!! You can choose any product and any image -excluding- originals, sketches and limited edition prints...but anything else is up for grabs!

Keep in mind that a "sale" on Etsy counts as one item purchased. So technically if you bought 12 items right now, you would purchase the 500th item and win the five free items! But keep an eye on it in the next few days because if someone doesn't purchase all the items right now, you may be able to scoop up the free items by just purchasing a few. I'll be sure to make a post on my Facebook page when someone purchases the 500th item so that you all know!


I just wanted to do this giveaway as a huge thank you to all my fans and supporters of my artwork! I also wanted to say thanks to everyone who has purchased from my Etsy store since I opened it way back in 2007. =)

If you have any questions about the contest, please ask me! Good luck and have fun!! Hopefully this will be a great opportunity for you all to get some nice stocking stuffers for Christmas. =)



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