Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up #8!

Whew has this been a busy week! I have so much to tell you all about! I have a brand new original painting, I have released all my Tracey products, HAED has released two new cross stitch charts of mine and I have a new Christmas sketch!

Angelique - New Original Painting For Sale on eBay

I just wrapped up a brand new painting! My newest piece is titled Angelique and it depicts a haunting and beautiful vampire fairy sitting inside a creepy cemetery, surrounded by skulls and a dragon friend. The night sky is painted in brilliant shades of blue and black with a bright moon overhead. Angelique's outfit and striped stockings are done in various shades of red and black. 

She measures 8x10" and is painted with watercolor and ink. She's up for a 10 day auction on eBay with a starting bid of only $99.99!! Also included is a free ACEO print of Angelique. I really hope that you all enjoy her and thank you so much for looking! =)


View and bid on Angelique here.

Tracey Products

Last week, I showed you an adorable commissioned painting that I finished up. Her name is Tracey and she's a cute and flirty fairy painted in gorgeous shades of purple. She's sitting atop a mushroom with her fairy kitty friends.

This week I have updated my Etsy shop to include all of my brand new Tracey products! She is now available on ACEO, 5x7 and 8x10 prints, stickers, magnets, pocket mirrors, buttons, bookmarks and printable coloring pages.

Right now she is only available on Etsy, but if you would like to purchase her products in any of my other shops, please let me know and I will gladly get them set up for you.

View all my available Tracey products here.

New Heaven And Earth Designs Cross Stitch Releases


Heaven and Earth Designs is the company that licenses my artwork to make cross stitch charts. They have just released two new charts featuring Arden and Telsa!


View my new Arden and Telsa cross stitch charts here.

New Christmas Witch Sketch and Naming Contest

This week I also drew up a brand new sketch for Christmas! The sketch features a witch riding on a candy cane through a forest of decorated, snow covered evergreen trees. I thought since it was for Christmas, I'd swap out her broom for a candy cane! She seems to be enjoying it. =)


Now that she's all drawn out...she needs a name! I'm having a naming contest for her, like I have for most of my pieces. All you have to do is choose a name that you think fits her best and post it either here or on my Facebook page. You can find her sketch under my "Wall Photos." In a few days, I will choose a name for her and the person that suggested that name will win a 5x7" print of the finished piece!


She is up next to be painted and I will hopefully have her done by the end of this coming weekend and up for sale in time for Christmas. =)

This coming week is sure to be as busy as this past week! My Christmas shipping rush is in full force, so I'm making products like a mad-woman and trying to keep up. I'm also going to try and wrap up the candy cane witch painting so that you all can enjoy her before Christmas. We're also going to try and do some Christmas shopping too! Should be a lot of fun. =)


I also wanted to tell you all that I am going to have a HUGE and I mean HUGE Christmas giveaway! I should be making the announcement this week, so stay tuned to my Facebook page for more details!

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