Friday, August 5, 2011

My Frog Witch is Named.....Ashlyn!

Congratulations Cathy Abbott-Young! I actually had my husband choose the winner of this naming contest. I thought it might be fun to switch it up a bit. He took the task very seriously and read through all of your suggestions at least 3 or 4 times. He narrowed it down to a few, but finally decided on Ashlyn. I really like the name too and think that it fits the piece nicely! Thank you so much to Cathy who suggested the name. She will win a 5x7" print of the finished painting! Cathy, please send me an email to to claim your prize. Thanks! =)

Thank you to everyone who participated in my naming contest! Of course for those of you who also suggested a name for my Portrait Witch sketch, you have a second change to win. If you haven't yet suggested a name for my Portrait Witch sketch, please feel free to do so! You can see the post here.

I hope you all like the linework for Ashlyn! She will be available as a coloring page and will also be submitted to Sweet Pea Stamps who creates all of my rubber stamps. I will be painting Ashlyn this weekend. I anticipate that she will take quite awhile to paint as there is a -lot- of detail in this one. But I of course will be posting WIP pictures along the way.


  1. Yay.....I like wips....are the genuine leather :) :)

    Guess Who.

  2. wow, I cant believe I won the contest on naming Ashlyn, Im so excited.I am sendind you an email now. yay. Cathy.