Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Double Naming Contest!

Please read all the information below (especially the rules section) before entering. Thank you! =)

I am going to have two naming contests at the same time! These are two sketches that will be next up on my painting table.

Witch with Frogs

The first one is an adorable commission piece that I'm working on. My client requested a witch with frogs in an alchemy type setting. I created a scene with a witch holding an adorable frog with wings. Is he the outcome of an experiment? Is he a friend? Will he be used in an experiment? Are the empty jars for future experiments? Who knows! That's for you to figure out. =)

Portrait of a Witch #1

This witch is going to be number 7 in my Portrait Series. I started my Portrait Series at the beginning of 2010. They feature a more simplistic style from me with a close up view of my fantasy creations. Within the whole series, there are sub-series. For instance, I have created Portrait of a Steampunk #1 and #2. This witch is the very first witch in my Portrait Series, so she will be Portrait of a Witch #1. This is so surprising seeing as I love witches. I can't believe I made it to the 7th in the series and haven't yet painted a witch! I can't wait to get started on this piece.


Most importantly, these witches need names! I would love it if you would suggest a name below. You can submit names for both the Witch with Frogs and the Portrait Witch piece, just please distinguish which names are for which piece (that's a lot of witches and whiches). The person who suggests the name I select will win a 5x7" print of the finished piece! Anyone around the world can play, you can submit multiple names and you can also play if you have already won one of my naming contests.

I can no longer run my contests and giveaways on Facebook. I have set my blog to allow anonymous posts, so if you don't have an account to post with, post anonymously, but please post your name as well so I know who is suggesting the names.

This is important!!
I cannot contact the winners through Facebook. You must keep an eye on my blog to see when I make the announcement of who won the contest. At that point, I will ask you to email me your mailing address. Please make sure to watch for the winners, so that you know if you have won! I will be unable to contact you otherwise. Thank you so much and I can't wait to see the names!! =)


  1. Hi Nikki

    These look wonderful and very inspiring, particularly the Portrait Witch!

    Just came up with a few names which I hope you like:

    Witch with Frogs: Ardra, Kyria, Hetty, Erith

    Portrait Witch: Saffy, Amelia, Julia

    From Julie Crocker (sorry no account but like you on Facebook!)

  2. Witch with frog: Jennifer

    Portrait witch: Loretta

    From Ed Cammarota :)

  3. witch with frog, Ashlyn, Arrion, Hepsibarr.

    Witch portrait. Carridwyn, Sapphire, The Myrtle witch, Bria.
    From Cathryn Abbott-Young.

  4. witch with frog : the apprentice, oops, ment to be a prince. the fledgling.

    witch portrait, corriander, mace.

    From Cathy Abbott-Young

  5. Frog witch: Sadie, Morgan (or Morganna), Gabriella, Brynn, Riley

    Portrait witch: Maxine, Sasha, Kendra, Alison, Corrine

    -Heather Savino

  6. Absolutely stunning work Nikki. You always amaze me with the detail that you put in to every one of your works

    Frog witch - Aurora, Aiya, Serena, Hazel, Leandra, Emeline, Alexa

    Portrait witch - Endora, Ella, Nissa, Penelope, Emeline. Alexa

    From Tracey Titch King

    Sorry if this is a report but I tried commenting and it kept going weird lol

  7. Hi Nikki! I love these sketches! Very beautiful!
    ~For the first one: "Aletta's Frogs" or "Alida's Frogs"; (Aletta means winged one & Alida means small and winged). Kind of like she makes winged creatures in her lab, because of her name-sake, and because it's in her nature!
    ~For the second one: "Willow" because she has branches in her hat that seem like pussy-willow and she kind-of reminds me of Willow the witch from Buffy the vampire slayer!

  8. For the Witch with Frogs I like Olivia

    For the Portrait of a Witch #1 I like Zoe

    Both are beautiful!

  9. Such Beautiful pieces. I Love Witches as well :)

    For the Witch with Frog: LILURA (Means - Enchantment), Panthea, Kamila, Annika or Moriba (Means - curious seeker of knowledge)

    Portrait Witch: MOHANA (Means Attractive), MeaVeen, Emaliya (Pronounced - Emma Lee Ya), Zaria, Jairia or Avalyna.

    All the names so far are awesome. I am sure this will be a hard decision for you :)

  10. ok- I don't know for the first, but the portrait witch should be "Mistletoe" :)

  11. I like you images!
    For the Witch with Frog: Patty, Kasidy
    Portrait Witch: Amellia, Emanuela, Kamila

  12. Hi Nikki,

    I have just two names but I think they would fit these two lovely witches perfectly!

    For the Witch with Frogs: Yja (pronounced Why-Ja

    And for the Portrait of a Witch #1: Lydia

  13. Portrait witch. I like the name SORSHA I like that the name is similar to sorceress. And it's a very old celtic name. I don't know what profile to choose. My addy is ( in case you pick my suggestion) :)