Friday, July 8, 2011

Packaging is Important

I realize that packaging is important. As one of my customers, you decided to spend your hard earned money on one of my paintings, prints or products. In turn, I want to make sure your items get to you safely and soundly. I also strive to make my product packaging colorful, functional and fun. So whether you are buying some of my artwork for yourself or as a gift, the package will surely be enjoyable to receive! I thought that I would take some time to talk about my product packaging and my shipping packaging and show you some photos, so that you know what to expect when you order something from me.

Product Packaging

All of my paintings, prints and products are packaged carefully with proper materials, labels and store information. Nothing is sold loose or without some sort of packaging. I do this to make sure your item arrives safely, is kept free of any dust or other debris while it is in my inventory and to make sure it's appealing to receive or give as a gift.

All of my flat items such as prints and greeting cards are placed in a clear cellophane bag with my store label on the back.

Other items like my pocket mirrors and buttons are placed in bags with colorful toppers.

I have even started creating custom toppers for my new hand cut sticker sets! Each topper matches the image on the product that you have purchased and also describes what's inside the package. I think this is especially nice for gift giving so that the person knows exactly what they're receiving from you.

Shipping Packaging

I take a lot of pride in making sure that your order gets to you in pristine condition. With thousands of items shipped, I have been fortunate to not have had anything damaged in the process. I use quality shipping products to prevent bending and denting.

Here is a recent giveaway that I was in the process of shipping out to the winner, so I thought I would take some photos. They won one of my naming contests, so they received a 5x7" print of my finished piece Sydney. The print itself is packaged in a clear cellophane bag with a sturdy backing board. I then place my colorful store label on the back.

After that, I cut two pieces of heavy duty cardboard to fit the size of the print.

I place one in front of and one behind the print and tape them together to ensure the print doesn't shift during transit. Now, some people may only use one piece of cardboard or even just a backing board inside the print packaging. But I really want to make sure that the corners don't get bent and nothing creases the front of your print. The cardboard on both sides really does a good job of that.

Finally, I finish off the packing process with a pretty ribbon and a handwritten thank you tag featuring my artwork. Also, every order gets a packing slip and one of my biography cards.

The cardboard gets placed into an envelope mailer to be shipped off to its new home!

Well, I hope that you all enjoyed taking a look at my packaging process!


  1. Lovely Nikki....thankyou for sharing with us xx

  2. I bought the sketch of lilith, and it was packaged very securely, some people just throw things in an envelope but she came to us in pristine condition, oh and Harry Potter was amazing you will love it, saw it in 3D which i dont normally like but i would see it again

  3. Thank you so much frizzyfairy! And thank you also weestitchy! I'm so happy that my Lilith sketch got to you safe and sound. And that's great to hear about Harry Potter! I cannot wait to see it woo!! And I think I will definitely see it in 3D. =)

  4. Proper packaging is very important! Doing it wrong can break or damage your stuff. Anyway, my favorite wrapping material would be the bubble wrap. Aside from the security it provides, popping the bubbles is also a stress reliever!

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