Monday, July 11, 2011

My Blueberry Witch is Named.....

BAILEY!! Congratulations to Maigan Lynn and Tabitha Rose who both suggested the name Bailey! It was a tough choice as always. You all really came up with some fantastic B names. I was bouncing back and forth between a couple different ones before I decided on Bailey. I think that it fits the piece perfectly and Bailey the Blueberry Witch just sounds so cute! Thank you to everyone who participated! I will have more naming contests coming up soon. Just make sure to bookmark or subscribe to my blog because this is where all giveaways will be held from now on.

And a special thank you to Maigan and Tabitha for the suggestion Bailey! You will each win a 5x7" print of the finished piece. Please email me your address at and I will send off your print when I'm done painting her.

I hope you all like how Bailey turned out! I cannot wait to start painting her. I hope to get her inked on my final watercolor paper tonight and maybe start adding some color to her this weekend. =)


  1. Seriously!!! haha! Apparently, I rock some socks at names! ;) I'm SO excited about this - you know I love your work! :) Hooray!!! AND Congrats to Tabitha as well! :)

  2. Lindsay L. NuceraJuly 11, 2011 at 6:05 PM

    Bailey is an AWEsome name for your Blueberry Witch! Congratulations to Maigan Lynn and Tabitha Rose! Isn't it FAB to win one of Nikki's contests? It is such a honor. I've been there, too!!! ~ .xoxox.

  3. I am soooooo Excited !!!!! Nikki I wroTe all the names I thought of on paper and put it away with my Art things.I just saw Bailey,,and thought I had given you her name among others,,,but was not sure. Then I could not FIND my Paper !!!! I am VERY Happy and THANK YOU !!!!! Congratulations to Maigan Lynn!!!!It is always FUN to send you names,,,but this is HAPPY !!!!!!!:D

  4.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Tabitharose,,,,,,,,,,,,,This is INDEED a HONOR,,,and to have YOUR ART in my HOME is a DREAM come TRUE !!!!! I just found my paper,,,I guess I was in to much of a Hurry before to make sure I had spelled Bailey the same as you.""Great things Do Happen "" Thank you !!!!! <3