Monday, July 25, 2011

Some Exciting News!

I thought I would share a bit of exciting news with you all today! I decided to start doing more shows and conventions this fall. I have been selling my artwork for awhile now, but mostly in an online capacity. I have done a few shows here or there, but nothing consistent. I really enjoy showing my artwork out in the "real world." It is so fun to interact with customers and receive instant feedback on my artwork. Not to mention I've always loved arts & crafts shows, sci-fi conventions and other similar events! Not a year goes by that I don't go to at least a couple.

So I decided to apply to two different juried arts shows (non-fantasy) in my area (around Atlanta, Georgia). In our little world of fantasy art online, which is a fantastic community of talented fantasy artists and wonderful fantasy art lovers, I feel pretty comfortable! I feel like my art is well received and feel very fortunate to have fans all over the world. But, I have to be honest; I was a little nervous applying to these non-fantasy art shows. The world of art, outside the fantasy niche, just seems like such a big scary place to me! I wasn't sure what the outcome of applying to these shows was going to be, but I knew that to continue to build my art business, I also need to continue to grow and expand where I sell my work.

Well, I got notice a month ago that I was accepted to the first show I applied to and just received notice last week that I also got into the second juried show that I applied to! I feel very grateful that my artwork was well received by the panel of jurors who oversaw the application process. I cannot wait to showcase my artwork and I hope that some of you will come out and see me! I will be sure to make a blog post with my complete fall show lineup (with dates, locations and times) as soon as I know all the details! =)


  1. YAY! Congrats Nikki! Thats a really neat feeling! I just did my very first jurried art show at the beginning of July! Its an annual art show here in Kingston and I was nervous as well. I'm so happy for you! :) You should come to Ontario to do a show - you would have a place to stay! lol!

  2. Thank you Maigan!! Congrats on your first juried show as well! How exciting. =) And ditto to the place to stay if you ever come to the southeast lol! =)