Friday, September 21, 2012

On The Drawing Board

Hi everyone! I have a few pieces that I've been working on lately that I wanted to share with you.

This first piece is a commissioned painting and it's part of my element witch series. My previous painting "Serafina & Firenze" was the fire witch and this is the water witch! I have completed the witch part of the sketch, but I still need to work on her familiar. Each witch will have a familiar companion that represents their element. I hope you all enjoy the water witch and I will continue to share the steps as I work on this painting. If you're interested in your own commissioned painting, I have all sorts of different style options and price points! You can see all my options here.
I've also been doing more quick sketches and they've all been Halloween themed! I think it's the cold, fresh air that gets me in the mood to draw witches and anything Halloween related. Here are two sketches that I drew.

What I did with these sketches is I offered them up for sale on my Facebook Page as a "Quick Sale - You Choose." The first person to claim the pieces got to choose how I finished them! They both chose to finish these pieces with pen linework and a watercolor wash. I've added the pen linework and will be painting them soon!

I also finished -another- Halloween witch sketch yesterday! And offered it up for sale on my Facebook page in the same manner. The person that won the sketch also decided to finish it with pen linework and a watercolor wash. So I'm excited to finish this piece up too!

I plan on offering up more sketches as a "Quick Sale - You Choose" where you decide how you'd like me to finish the piece. If you're interested in purchasing one, make sure to keep an eye on my Facebook Fan page here.

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