Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Fan Photos

I just updated my fan photo album on Facebook! I absolutely love seeing my art displayed in your home. So if you have my framed prints on your wall, my magnets on your refrigerators or my stickers stuck all over the place, I would love to see pictures!

I also love seeing what you create with my artwork!! So if you enjoy coloring my coloring pages, using my collage sheets or designing tags with my tubes, please send in images to me! You can either tag me in a photo on Facebook or email them to me at nikki@aurella-art.com.

I will happily display them in my fan photo album on my Facebook pages and on my website! =) It really brings so much joy to me to see you all enjoying my artwork in your life!

Here are some of my new fan photos:

Beautiful altered art bottle by Michelle! She used my printable collage sheets to create this stunning piece of art!

Telsa, Arden and Angelique Hand Cut Stickers - Photo taken by Brittany!

Here's another one of Brittany's stickers that she put on her journal. This one features Heather!

This is a Cassia print framed and displayed by Gloriann!

Look at these awesome stickers on Lisa's computer case! I really love how she cut out the borders on the rectangular stickers to give them a fun edge. And the Angelique handcut sticker looks so cool against a black background!

Wow!! I am so impressed by this coloring page of Mina that BreAnna did! I love the colors and the shading is stunning! Isn't it amazing?

This is an awesome tag made by Jacqui! She used my tubes from Creative Design Outlet to create this.

Here is a set of prints (Symphoni, Cheyanna and Rayne) displayed beautifully on BreAnna's wall!

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