Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekly Question and Answer Blog Entry

Hi everyone! I am thinking about starting up a weekly blog post where I answer a question from one of my blog readers or Facebook friends! I get questions frequently, but usually just answer the question to that person directly. I was thinking that a lot of you may enjoy reading the answers because they sometimes contain little tips or tricks about art, drawing or my art business.

So, what I need from you all is QUESTIONS! I would love for you to submit questions to me so that I can keep a list going and pull one question from the bunch once a week. Feel free to ask me anything! I would love questions about my art process, drawing, watercolor painting or questions relating to the business side of my to get started with an art business, how to promote...etc...! I also don't mind personal questions as long as they're not super personal...ask away!

You can pose your questions here on my blog, send me a message on my Facebook Page here or email me at Thanks so much for your participation and I hope you enjoy this new addition to my blog!

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