Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vacation Journal - Oakridge/Portland/Seattle - Part 3

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Day 4 - Portland

After the wedding, we were all pretty tired! But we still had a few full days ahead of us. Our next stop was Portland, OR. We got to see where my brother-in-law and his girlfriend go to college which was very neat! We also walked around the city for a bit and ate at some of the food carts. It was my first food cart experience. It's really pretty neat. They have areas around town where there are 10-15 food carts all next to each other with a sitting area in the middle. So everyone can go and order what they want and then eat together. Most of the time, everyone ends up sharing like we did. I got a crepe, but also sampled a burger and some delicious pork sandwiches.

My husband and I walking around Portland
My brother-in-law is part of a club at his school where they build race cars completely from scratch! We got to visit his work room at school and saw the last car that they built. My husband was excited to try it out!

My husband in the car!
Day 5 - Seattle

After that, we all headed up to Seattle where we got to spend a couple days just having fun! It was a blast. We all piled into a car and drove around looking at all the sites.

All of us!
The first thing we did was take a ferry to Bainbridge. It was so beautiful to be out on the water and it was a gorgeous day!

The girls!
The beautiful Seattle skyline from the ferry

My husband and I on the ferry
After the ferry ride, we walked around for a bit by the water. It was so beautiful down there!

Walking by the water
Our next stop was the new big Ferris wheel that they just put by the water. It's so big when you're standing next to it!!

The Ferris Wheel
The view from up top! So pretty
My husband reassuring the kids that we weren't going to fall lol
After the Ferris Wheel, we went to the locks where boats transition from salt water to fresh water. It was really interesting to see how it works. They put the boats in an area that lowers or raises the water level depending on which direction they were going.

All of us relaxing, waiting for a boat to come
We also had to go down to the actual water and walk around on the beach!

Playing in the very cold water! I was too chicken to put my feet in
Then, we walked up to the top of a hill for the absolutely, most perfect view of downtown Seattle at night! What a wonderful way to end our vacation!

My husband and I in front of the Seattle skyline at night


  1. Aww, your whole trip looks like it was so much fun! You and Derek are so cute together :)

  2. Looks like you had an amazing time. I've really enjoyed seeing you pictures and thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  3. Thank you to both of you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. And I'm glad I did it as well! This way I won't forget any of the details. =)