Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Poll - Quick Sale Sketches

Hi everyone! It was brought to my attention that I'm posting my quick sale sketches on a regular basis when some people do not have access to the computer to try and claim them. I know everyone's "best" time will not be the same as everyone else, but I always want to try and post things so that the majority of people will have a shot at my items. And maybe I can mix up the times more to allow more people a chance to claim one of these sketches since I know they usually sell pretty quickly.

So, I decided to have a poll! I've listed some times and they're all EST times. Please select the best time for me to post my Quick Sale Sketches on Facebook. You can select multiple answers. Maybe you have access to a computer all day, so you can definitely check all the answers. I'll probably alternate posting between the most popular choices, so make sure to get your votes in!

And don't forget to "like" my fan page so that you don't miss out on any of my quick sales!

When is the best time for me to post my Quick Sale Sketches?

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